“It would be a shame to make another ugly church on this continent where there are so many already.”
- Willa Cather
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Kerns Group Designs New School for TeacHaiti


Kerns Group Designs New School for TeacHaiti

TeacHaiti supports the education and well-being of Haitian children and strives to improve the literacy and health of the communities they serve. The program serves about 320 students in various parts of the country including the School of Hope in Port-au-Prince.

Kerns Group Architects is collaborating with founder Miquette Denie and other volunteers to design a new school for TeacHaiti in the town of St. Michel.

The school will be built in phases in order to reach the ultimate goal of serving 300 students with 6 classrooms, a multipurpose room and offices organized around a central courtyard. The project will utilize local materials, recycled bottle lighting, and waterless dry toilet systems.

Use this link to find out more about TeacHaiti - http://teachaiti.org