“Our homes, our public buildings and cities reflect what we are, what we once were – and what we hope to become.”
- Trevor Howells


Traditionally, architects aren't great businesspeople. The skills don't come naturally and aren't taught in school, a real problem for architecture firms. Three recessions ago, we asked ourselves, "We solve problems for others so why not for us?" and came to some eye-opening conclusions.

Small businesses are vital to the economy, generating over half the GDP and employing over half the work force. Downturns are tough on small business and historically hit the construction industry first, hardest and longest. To effectively serve clients, we not only must survive, but thrive.

In response, we established a long-term financial plan just as we would for any client project and we met all goals early. Soon after, we received a Chamber of Commerce ABBY, recognizing Arlington's best businesses, and became a finalist in the National Capital Business Ethics Award program.

We support healthy business by participating in leadership programs, sitting on regulatory boards, and working in public-private partnerships. We invest in staff development to keep pace with new ideas and as part of our social responsibility to help them meet their own career goals and objectives.