“Style can make complicated things seems simple, or simple things complicated.”
- Jean Cocteau


We weren't born yesterday… and neither was the architecture profession. We owe a debt of gratitude to the professionals who preceded us and laid the groundwork for our profession. We repay that debt by helping prepare the next generation to meet the future head-on, ready to serve.

We start early. Many of us work with elementary school students in local programs (like ARCHES - Architects in Elementary Schools) to teach about the impact of architecture and design in community life. We are also frequently guest speakers in high school classrooms.

We support Virginia and DC-area schools of architecture as visiting studio critics, guest jurors, thesis advisors, and mentors. Every fall, several of our staff help connect six area architecture schools by running a weekend student competition.

We are also integrally involved in a Virginia AIA program for Emerging Leaders in Architecture. Young architects want to change the world and we want to help by teaching them the essentials of architecture practice, the things schools don't have the time or resources to teach.