“You can never do too much drawing.”
- Tintoretto

Faith and Society

Few people see their vocations and avocations as directly connected as we do. Every day, we get to work with church members to design buildings that make mission and ministry possible. It is really a privilege to be so involved in their congregational lives and is spiritually fulfilling to see the results.

We also serve in our own churches as Sunday School teachers, board and committee leaders, choir members and laypeople helping with seasonal events like Christmas tree sales and pumpkin patches. We know how important it is for limited volunteer time, however little it may be, to be used effectively and to make a difference. 

The fact that we work with such diverse, faith-based groups also gives us insight into committees and group dynamics. We find this experience makes us more effective in our work with other mission-driven organizations like schools, local governments and non-profits.

When we combine our skills and experience with people from other walks of life, a real team spirit develops. Our work on Habitat for Humanity projects, foreign mission trips, and arts advisory boards is surely needed, but just as importantly, the comaraderie is rewarding... and its fun.