“It would have been the artist's task to find a new formal language for new materials. Everything else is imitation.”
- Adolf Loos


Family comes first. The most effective community service we provide is supporting strong families. Though it is a popular buzzword today, life-work balance has always been part of our firm culture. We manage the firm to maintain harmony between office obligations and family time. 

Ultimately, a healthy, balanced life allows us to give back to our communities. To make a real difference, it takes more than just attending annual meetings, joining community pools, or making donations. It means serving in community leadership.

What qualifies us to be leaders? The core of architecture education is problem solving, a skill applicable to many areas of community life, not just urban planning, design and architecture. We recognize this education as a gift from society, one we want to honor by sharing the abilities we've learned.

Our staff members serve as leaders of professional associations and community organizations and we support them by paying for time off and reimbursing dues so that volunteer work doesn't take time or finances away from their families. Take a look at some of the work we do... and why.